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28 December 2005


"International Meeting for Construction and Utilization
of IBARAKI Biological Crystal Diffractometer at J-PARC"

We would like to inform you to have an International Meeting for Construction and Utilization of IBARAKI Biological Crystal Diffractometer (BIX-P1 type) at J-PARC.

A single crystal diffractometer for structural biology is under construction in order to promote industrial applications for neutron beam in J-PARC. It will cover the majority of biologically important samples from organic materials to macromolecules up to 135 angstrom in unit cell. This machine is aiming to measure about one hundred macromolecular crystals of 2mm cubic in volume per year.

In this meeting two main topics will be focused on; one is a data reduction software which includes de-convolution of overlapped peaks due to the coupled moderator, the other is the latest results, the trend and the perspective of the neutron crystallography of macromolecules and organic compounds in the world for potential users to have much interest of neutrons.

We also welcome your contributions such as talks and posters related topics. In details, please visit our homepage below or ask organizers.



Date: 30-31 January 2006 (including J-PARC tour)
Site: Ibaraki University, Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan
URL: http://nsb.mat.ibaraki.ac.jp/bixp1jan06.html

Registration deadline:
@20 Jan. 2006 except J-PARC tour (*)
@(*) Non-Japanese should submit a form of visit proposal to join the J-PARC tour by 6 Jan. 2006.
@E-mail: ibix2006@mx.ibaraki.ac.jp

Invited speakers:
* Dr. Shigeki Arai (JAEA, Japan)

* Prof. Robert Bau (USC, USA, Vice president of ACA)
* Dr. Matthias J. Gutmann (ISIS, UK, Instrument scientist of Single Crystal Diffractometer-SXD)
* Dr. Christina Hoffmann (SNS, USA, Instrument scientist of Single Crystal Diffractometer-Topaz)

* Prof. Toshio Kubota (Ibaraki Univ., Japan)

* Prof. Yuji Ohashi (JASRI, Japan; the President of the IUCr)

* Dr. Yuuki Ohnishi (Kaken Co. Ltd./Ibaraki Univ., Japan)

* Prof. Mamoru Sato (Yokohama City Univ., Japan)

For more information, please contact organizers:
* Ichiro Tanaka (Ibaraki Univ.) E-mail: i.tanaka*mx.ibaraki.ac.jp (*=@)
* Katsuhiro Kusaka (JAEA) E-mail:
kusaka.katsuhiro*jaea.go.jp (*=@)

* Kazuo Kurihara (JAEA)
* Takashi Ohhara (JAEA)
* Nobuo Niimura (Ibaraki Univ.)



We are planning a tour of Japan proton accelerator research complex, J-PARC.
The facility is approximately 40 min. from Ibaraki Univ. Hitachi campus, by bus, which will be provided by the organizer.
Please book early and reserve your seat in order to avoid any disappointment. Due to security requirements, bookings will close on January 10 2006.



-General information-

1.Date: Mon. 30-Tue. 31 January 2005 2days


Jan. 30(Mon), 2006


Session for students iinformal sessionj

10:00 Open the room & registration

10:30 Introduction for students (Niimura, N, Ibaraki Univ.)

10:35 Introduction to Neutron Macromolecular Crystallography (Bau, R., Univ. South California, USA)

11:35 Question & discussion


12:00 Lunch

13:00 Registration


Session 1

13:30 Introduction (Niimura, N, Ibaraki Univ.)

13:40 Current status of BIX-P1 construction (Tanaka, I., Ibaraki Univ.)

14:10 Contributions to Protein Structure from Neutron Crystallography (Bau, R., Univ. South California, USA)

15:00 Break


Session 2

15:15 Observation by neutrons of hydrogen atoms unobserved by ultra-high resolution X-ray macromolecular crystallography (Sato, M., Yokohama City Univ.)

15:35 The B-DNA structure determined by the neutron crystallography (Arai, S., JAEA)

15:55 Current status of protein neutron crystallography by LADI at ILL (Meilleur, F., ILL, France)

16:15 Break


Session 3

16:30 Direct Observation of a Novel Deuterium Transfer in the Crystalline-State
Photoisomerization by Neutron Diffraction (Ohashi, Y., JASRI & Hosoya, T., Tokyo Inst. Tech.)

16:50 Hydrogen Bonds Organofluorine Compounds and Expectation for Neutron Crystallography (Kubota, T., Ibaraki Univ.)

17:10 Protein Crystallization for neutron crystallography (Ohnishi, Y., Kaken Co. Ltd./Ibaraki Univ.)


17:30 Close


18:00 Buffet-style party in Ibaraki Univ.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Jan. 31(Tue), 2006


Session 4

9:30  Single crystal diffraction at ISIS - SXD and beyond (Gutmann, M., ISIS, England)

10:30 Break


Session 5

10:50 The single crystal diffractometer TOPAZ and its implementation into the SNS support network (Hoffmann, C., SNS, USA)


11:50(100)  Lunch


Session 6

13:00 General Discussion

14:00 Summary


14:30 Move to J-PARC in JAEA


J-PARC tour

15:30 J-PARC tour


16:30 Close in JAEA, bus transport to JR Tokai Station.


2. Site: Ibaraki University Hitachi Campus(College of Engineering)

4-12-1, Naka-Narusawa, Hitachi, Ibaraki 316-8511, Japan
HP: http://www.ibaraki.ac.jp/en/index.htm

From Narita airport to JR Hitachi Sta.:
Get on a Highway bus (Rose liner) bound for Hitachi Sta., and get off Hitachi sta.(about 3.5h)
From JR Hitachi Sta. (Central Gate) to Ibaraki Univ. :
Get on a Hitachi-Dentetsu bus bound for Heiwadai3 or Kosakidai4 via Chuo-sen, and get off at Ibadai-Mae (20 min.)
Time table of Highway bus from Narita to Hitachi





@Deadline: 20 Jan. 2006 except J-PARC tour (*)
@(*) Non-Japanese should submit a form of visit proposal to join the J-PARC tour by 6 Jan. 2006.

5.Contuct us: ibix2006@mx.ibaraki.ac.jp

The organizers

Ichiro Tanaka (Ibaraki Univ.) i.tanaka*mx.ibaraki.ac.jp (*=@)
Katsuhiro Kusaka (JAEA)

Kazuo Kurihara (JAEA)
Ohhara Takashi (JAEA)

Nobuo Niimura(Ibaraki Univ.)